4 Steps to Create a Solid Tribe: Brittany Michalchuk & Kait Rich (Ep. 16)

In this episode, I get to sit down with two boss babes who are also great friends of mine– the fiery powerhouse Brittany Michalchuk and the incredible world traveler Kait Rich. Brittany is an expert at social media strategy, building powerful brands online and creating epic masterminds and lucrative business collaborations. Kait travels the world speaking and leading events and has coached over 1,500 CEOs, leaders, business owners & professionals.

If you’ve ever felt like… 

  • It’s hard for you to build solid, genuine friendships
  • You’re having to dim your light or dull your sparkle
  • Your friends are competing with you instead of supporting you

…OR If you just want to have a good laugh and listen to some raw realness… then this episode is for you!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • 4 steps to create a powerful, solid tribe of women
  • Why women need to stop comparing and competing and start collaborating
  • How to build an amazing tribe and build powerful friendships that are in alignment with your values
  • How to attract powerful, successful women in your life 
  • The best way to build real confidence
  • Why it is that some women have more male than female friends
  • The best ways to create results in your business
  • And other juicy good stuff I don’t want to spoil!!

brittany michalchuk ashley hann kait rich

“We are becoming a better version of ourselves because we are choosing the type of people that we want to surround ourselves by.”

Connect with Kait on Instagram @therichcoach and check out her podcast The Rich Life.

Connect with Brittany Instagram @brittanymichalchuk and check out her podcast The Vitamin B Show.

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