Adrian Ellison: How To Cut Energetic Ties and Create Boundaries (FOF-19)

Adrian Ellison is a creator, a coach and a truth seeker. She is the founder of the Alpas Project, a retreat company that means The “becoming free” project where she began facilitating conscious retreats and workshops on topics that were inspiring her healing journey. Adrian Ellison’s work is so profound in helping individuals heal their shadows, find authentic confidence and experience radical self-expression. She has helped hundreds of thousands evoke breakthroughs in their lives through the work she does on inner child work, cord-cutting, repairing subconscious patterns such as self-sabotage, social programming, dysfunctional relationships, addiction loops, and other physical and mental health challenges that keep you from living out your unique expression. 

In this episode, we talk about…

    • Facing your shadows and releasing what no longer serves you
    • What to do when you feel yourself getting lost in another person (“lost in the sauce”)
    • The KEY question that you must ask yourself to know if you’re in alignment 
    • What cord-cutting really is and how this process can support you in freeing yourself
    • A powerful process that helps you gather your power and create energetic boundaries
    • How to create new patterns by transforming your charmic powers
    • Living horizontally VS vertically
    • Harnessing your internal divine femininity as a way to manifest outcomes in your life
    • …and so much more!


“Be really curious about what your interpretation is versus what you would like your interpretation to be. That is how much power you actually have with your mind, with your energy.” -Adrian Ellison

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