Alexa Martinez: Let’s Talk About SEX (FOF-15)

This might easily be one of the most value-packed episodes I’ve had on the show yet. Alexa Martinez is a sex and relationship coach. Her mission is to show women what is possible in life: to have the love, sex, and relationships that don’t just work, but that light you the f*%k up. She is here to create a safe space for women to explore a more fulfilled life, with deeper connections and a hell of a lot more fun in the process.

In this juicy episode, you will learn:

    • How she got into this work of being a sex coach and empowering women to shine light on their sexual shadows
    • What “sex magic” is and how to use it to manifest your deepest desires (I LOVED this!)
    • Tools that will support you in getting more out of your sexual experiences
    • The 101 on sex toys and what her favorite starter toys are
    • The lowdown on porn and the best ways to use it
    • How to keep your relationship spicy, exciting, and interesting
    • How to tap into and talk about what really turns you on
    • …And so much more!

“Fill your life with sex, literally. Have it tangible and accessible at all times and I promise you’re creative energy and your imagination are going to vibe with it and new cool experiences will start to come up.”  -Alexa Martinez

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