Amber Valdez: How To Find Your Purpose and Live Your Soul Assignment (Ep. 25)

I’m SUPER excited for you to listen to this episode with my soul sister and friend, Amber Valdez. She’s a former NFL Cheerleader and TV personality turned life purpose cheerleader and intuitive coach. She is on a very powerful mission to light one-million light workers’ souls on fire so that they can change the planet with their gifts.  Amber has been featured in Good Morning La La Land, TV Guide, CBS, ABC Family, and more. 

Amber specializes in guiding intuitives, healers, yogis, shamans, mediums, psychics and other spiritual entrepreneurs along their divine journey of building their dream business, maximizing their impact, and getting paid WELL for their gifts.

In this value-packed episode, we go over…

  • How to find your purpose and make money out of it
  • An exercise to help you decide what’s your truth
  • Leading and living a purpose-driven life
  • Why you should be inspired whenever you’re jealous
  • The number 1 ingredient for living your purpose
  • How important it is to create the space for yourself

Amber Valdez is also probably the most woo-woo friend I have, so get ready for that! Hehe.  She speaks all over the world and has supported thousands of light workers with finding their purpose and living their soul assignment. Beyond all the incredible work Amber has done, this woman is just such a beautiful, angelic and SPUNKY soul. I love her so much!

“You will never be broke when you’re living your purpose. Ever.” -Amber Valdez

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