Amberly Lago: 5 Steps to Overcome Tragedy and Pain (Ep. 21)

Amberly’s personal survival story is nothing short of amazing. She survived a devastating motorcycle accident that changed the course of her life forever, endured 34 surgeries and extreme chronic pain.  Through navigating both the physical and emotional challenges from her accident, she’s been able to transform tragedy into triumph and turn her pain into her platform. She now inspires thousands of others into their own resilience and transformation. 

Amberly Lago offers hope and freedom for anyone living in chronic pain and has been featured on NBC’s TODAY Show, TEDx, and featured in magazines such as Health, Fit Pregnancy, Shape, and Disability Magazine.  Amberly is a Texan living in California with her husband and two children and is out to change the world.

In this inspiring and motivational episode, we discuss…

  • The accident that changed her life forever
  • Her powerful P.A.C.E.R. method for overcoming pain and tragedy
  • 4 steps to shift your thoughts
  • The two keys to starting your day in a powerful way
  • The difference between accepting facts vs opinions
  • How to shift and get out of funks

Amberly is truly on a mission to support others and change lives. She has a carefully curated set of practical tools to teach others how to tap into their superpower of resilience and persevere through any of life’s challenges and she goes over these in this episode so you’re gonna want to take a lot of notes!

“First, you have to be in acceptance of where you are in your journey. Next, you have to be humble enough to ask. You have to be willing to want to better yourself. And it takes courage to have those things.”     – Amberly Lago

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