Bibi Brzozka: Reclaim Your Sexual Sovereignty and Activate Sacred Self-Pleasure (FOF-28)

Bibi Brzozka is a love, sex, and relationship coach, holistic sexuality speaker and conscious living specialist. She has presented her trailblazing, disruptive approach to sexuality and energetic lovemaking throughout the world. Her heart-opening, taboo-crushing course creates spaces for conversation and plants seeds for exploration of conscious sexuality. Bibi Brzozka is also the Wellness Director at Nômade Hotel in Tulum where she creates and curates distinctive holistic programming.

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • How to create a more intimate, conscious sexual connection with yourself
  • What sexuality and self-pleasure truly means 
  • The benefits of reclaiming your sexual sovereignty and sexual energy
  • A powerful tool to create new neural path connections in your body 
  • The #1 ingredient to experience truly orgasmic states in different parts your body
  • Practical ways to get started in your conscious sacred sexuality and self-pleasure practice
  • And soooo much more!

“We are sexually sovereign beings and pleasure is ours. We are orgasmic human beings. For us women, we were taught that we need a man. We need to be married. We need a man to be whole. We need a man to experience pleasure. No, that’s not true. We can be whole by ourselves and we can also experience pleasure without a partner.” -Bibi Brzozka

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