Brittany Michalchuk: F*^% WHAT PEOPLE THINK (Ep. 3)

I am so excited to share the insightful tips from this interview between Ashley and Brittany Michalchuk.

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Brittany is incredible and honestly probably one of the biggest hustlers and hardest workers out there. The way that she cultivates and creates authentic, real relationships with people is like something you’ve never seen. I’ve learned a ton from her, especially how she uses Instagram to network and create connections with others.

She built a successful marketing firm while she was completing her finance degree. From there she began teaching about branding, how to master marketing and positioning yourself online, and social media strategies. Brittany Michalchuk flies all across North America, creating courses, she’s a keynote speaker for many events, and she’s teaching all these incredible marketing and branding tactics to some of the biggest influencers and brands in the world for almost a decade now. She’s really passionate about this stuff and she’s really passionate about helping and adding value to you as well, so let’s dive in!

Let’s start with some highlights from the first half of the episode…

  • If there is something that you want to do, BE RESOURCEFUL. Read, research, repeat. Become the best by learning from the best and creating your own spin from that.
  • Start every day with gratitude. Your life is made up of the little moments and what you do every single day. Practicing gratitude is the most powerful thing you can do to create a happy, fulfilled life.
  • If something is not in alignment with what you want in your future, cut it out. Don’t do it.
  • You have a choice in every moment and each moment you are making choices, whether you are doing so intentionally or unintentionally. Choosing consciously is the first step to you being in alignment with your highest purpose.
  • You don’t GET motivation. You cultivate motivation. Motivation is something that is intrinsically created from the inside-out.
  • Everything in life is perspective! Once you realize this, you can create a powerful perspective that forwards you.
  • The higher the level of success, the more responsibility you’ll have and the more challenges you’ll have to go through.
  • Stop looking at your challenges as something negative. All events are neutral. We are the ones that give events meaning. Pick a meaning that serves you.
  • Everything in life is either a blessing or a lesson.
  • You don’t grow when you’re comfortable. You only grow through the discomfort.
  • You must have authentic confidence in who you are because it gives you the strength to push forward through the challenges, the haters, and everything that comes along with putting yourself out there in a big, bold way.
  • We cannot expect others to love and accept ourselves if we don’t love and accept ourselves.
  • People will only treat you as good as you treat yourself. They will show you the same level of respect that you show yourself.

Brittany Michalchuk transformed her pain into her platform. She was bullied, doubted, teased and never felt connected with others. Now, one of her biggest superpowers and gifts is in connecting others and building meaningful relationships.


  1. Figure out what type of people you want in your life. Get clear on your tribe and who you want in your circle. Taking it one step further, ask yourself if you reflect the same values, principles, and attributes of the people you desire to have in your circle. We attract who we are!
  2. Come from a place of SERVICE. Ask yourself how you can add value to the person. Brittany genuinely loves serving people. She feels there is nothing that she actually needs from anyone because she believes she can create the means to get what she wants on her own.
  3. Don’t take things personally! You cannot be scared of rejection when you are building your network. It will happen. Remember that you decide what someone else’s rejection of you, means. It’s their decision, not yours. You cannot let it affect you and you must be relentless in your mission.

Brittany Michalchuk and Ashley Hann also talked a lot about not caring what others think. What they think about you is actually about THEM, not you. This is why you cannot take things personally. Brittany got super fired up. I highly recommend you listen to this part at about 30 minutes into the episode

“I am no longer choosing to allow other people to affect how I see myself. Period.”

Do you feel like you want to rise and shine your light, yet you feel like you have to keep dimming yourself? Check in with who you choose to surround yourself with and that they are empowering you into your brightest self-expression.

As you rise, you will attract others at the same vibrational frequency who fan your flames and inspire you to shine even brighter. This will become your new tribe!

At the end of every episode, Ashley has her guests share their #1 takeaway. Brittany’s was a powerful wake-up call to those of us who have been sleepwalking through our gift of life.

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