Charlie Rocket: Are You Selling Your Soul for the Algorithm? (Ep. 31)

Charlie Rocket brings some serious heat and passion in this episode. If you don’t already know Charlie, you’re in for a treat. Charlie has one of the most inspirational and transformational stories of all time. He was a grammy-winning mogul who created and managed Two Chainz, was on one world tour after another and making millions in his early twenties. At 300 lbs, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and everything changed. Charlie left all that he had created in the music industry to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an athlete. He lost 130 lbs, ran 3 marathons and an ironman and is now a Nike athlete. Charlie Rocket truly 

In this heated, passionate episode we talk about…

  • Overcoming adversity and social anxiety
  • Using the Law of Attraction to build your identity
  • The dark side of content creation and social media
  • Why people are becoming slaves to the social algorithm
  • What Charlie predicts is next for social media influencers in 5 years
  • The rise of “invisible influencers”
  • The secret digital world of leaders and shakers known as “Quantopia”
  • And soo much more…

“Sometimes the things that are ‘wrong’ with us are our gifts.” -Charlie Rocket

Charlie speaks on some of the biggest stages in the world sharing his story and inspiring thousands of people into their dreams, to live life outside of social media and manifest their gifts to build a better world.

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