Christina Scalera: How To Productize and Passivize Your Business (FOF-22)

Christina Scalera is a lawyer and the founder behind The Contract Shop®, a contract template store for creative entrepreneurs, wedding professionals, and coaches. In 2015, Christina hit the rock bottom in her life. Her best friend died, a family member ended up in a coma and she quit her 9-5 to pursue a passion project that totally flopped. To top it off, she had over $78k of credit card debt. In the span of a year, she managed to pay off all that debt, become a force in the creative and wedding industries and found herself on track to run what is now a 7-figure Shopify store.

She’s now teaching others how they too can create an online shop phenomenon, create daily income, and get out of the client-getting hustle with her course, Products on Tap®.

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • How Christina was able to start her now-successful digital downloads business from scratch (and YOU can do this too!!!)
  • How to “clone yourself” by taking your services and breaking them down into must-have products for your audience
  • What “d-commerce” is and the biggest mistakes that people make in creating this
  • The best way to building your audience for free as you’re getting started
  • Putting your focus on results instead of how to get started

“Understand what the processes are, what the checklists are, those SOPs that are getting your clients the results and take pieces of each of those things and pull them out and turn them into products.” -Christina Scalera

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