Cristi Stone: The 4 Keys to Manifesting Your Dream Relationship (FOF-06)

Cristi Stone is probably the most well-known for the influence that she has cultivated on social media, particularly on Instagram. She is the wife of Jason Stone (aka @millionaire_mentor on Instagram), a mother of two and a businesswoman. Cristi has created massive success for herself in Monat Global and is leading an amazing community of women there. Her mission is to inspire and collaborate with like-minded women who empower each other to become financially independent and teach them how to make multiple sources of income.

In this episode you will learn…

  • The 4 keys to manifesting your dream relationship 
  • The secret to long lasting love and keeping the spark ALIVE
  • The common mistake new couples make that creates unhealthy relationships
  • How to maintain intimacy with your partner (and a few rituals and tools you can use right away!)
  • How love languages can support you in your relationships with your partner, your family, your friends and even your work relationships
  • How to have balance and create harmony with social media in your relationship and not let it get in between you and your partner or cause disruption
  • The power of self-acceptance, healing and setting boundaries in commanding respect from others 
  • The truth about your parents and how to be the best parent possible
  • The secret to manifesting that people don’t talk about enough
  • And so much more!

Cristi is also one of the few women that really inspires me when it comes to owning our sexuality as women in a beautiful, sexy and classy way. She is genuine, heart-centered, spiritual and soooo beautiful inside and out!


“The more you’re aware of your power, the more powerful you become.” -Cristi Stone

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