Danette May: Health Hacks and Rituals That Will Transform Your Body and Your LIFE (Ep. 42)

Danette May is America’s leading Health and Lifestyle expert. She is the founder of Mindful Health and #1 bestselling author of “The Rise” and seven other health and women empowerment books. She’s been named  #16 on Women’s Fitness’ list of fitness & health leaders for 2018. Danette May has shared her unique and inspiring message across millions of people on national TV shows such as Access Hollywood, Hallmark Home Family, and CBS. She has recently been featured in the culture-shifting documentary “WeRiseUP” alongside His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Tony Robbins, Alanis Morissette, Richard Brandson, and others.

In this informative episode, we go over…

  • Proven health hacks to keep your immunity up and you operating at your BEST
  • The key superfood that is the “Queen of SuperFoods” with immense health benefits
  • The 8 SuperFoods that everyone should be consuming right now
  • How to bless your food and WATER and why you should do it 
  • Her top 3 rituals that helped her to build an 8-figure business
  • Simple and powerful at-home tips you can do to boost your daily nutrition levels

By focusing on unique and innovative programs such as her “Cacao Bliss” that focus on healing and transformation, her growth has been explosive. Over the past 3 years, her company has grown by 5,463% and generated well over 1.5 million paying customers, landing her the #48 spot on the INC 500 list of fastest growing companies in the United States.

An Easy and Delicious Tea Recipe You Can Do At Home

As promised, here is the super easy and delicious tea recipe that Danette shared in the podcast. We hope you try it and please let us know how you like it:

  1. Take a turmeric root or powder and mix with ginger root or powder
  2. Add a little coconut, almond or oatmeal
  3. Put some hot water
  4. Add a little bit of honey, cinnamon, and cardamon
  5. Mix them all together… and voila! Sooo good!

“There are no leaders, there are no people that you look up to that didn’t go through their chaos. You have to go through it to truly unlayer to your true character, to what you’re here for.” -Danette May

Danette has created a worldwide movement helping people wake up to their genius and allowing them to step into their radical self-love to live out their life’s purpose. In this episode, we are going to nerd-out about health hacks, nutrition tips, superfoods, and my favorite– rituals. I’m so excited for you to learn from her today.

Connect with Danette on Instagram @thedanettemay

You can learn more about Danette at www.danettemay.com/
Grab your very own “Cacao Bliss” at  www.earthechofoods.com/products/cacao-bliss
Shop the rest of Danette’s superfood products at www.earthechofoods.com

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