Derek Mills: STOP Focusing On Your Goals and Do This Instead (Ep. 27)

Derek Mills, also known as “The Standards Guy”, is an internationally renowned speaker, business guru, best-selling Hay House author and was also featured in and the associate producer of the “Think and Grow Rich” movie. He has 30+ years in wealth & business building, personal development and has helped transform the lives of thousands with The Standards Revolution.

In this motivating, value-packed episode, we go over…

  • Why it is important to set daily standards
  • How to implement Daily Standards into your life so you can focus on your goals
  • The 10-second philosophy and how it can radically change the course of your life forever
  • 5 core principles of Daily Standards
  • How to set daily goals and achieve them
  • Two rules of thumb on what to do when life gets messy
  • …And soooo much more!


“Happiness is not in the future. Happiness is a NOW experience.” -Derek Mills

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