Dr. Safiyah Satterwhite: Pursue Your Purpose Successfully With Joy (FOF-10)

Dr. Safiyah Satterwhite holds an Ivy League doctorate with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Leadership. She is on a powerful mission to help more women entrepreneurs experience joyful success as they make their mark. Dr. Safiyah Satterwhite actually stumbled into social entrepreneurship as a young 25-year-old CEO and founder of a multi-million dollar school and has been coaching leaders of million and billion-dollar agencies since.

In this episode we are focusing on how to arrive at, discover and pursue your purpose, and what it means to experience joyful success in your life. I had such a great conversation with her prior to this and felt such a powerful connection with her. I felt her genuinity, power and presence and I knew we’re going to have a great conversation to share with you. And that is exactly what went down!

In this informative and valuable episode, we go over…

  • Discovering yourself, your values, and your purpose as a woman living a life of abundance
  • How you can own your unique journey to serve others
  • The important distinction between your values and virtues and how judgement can affect them
  • How you can create joyful success
  • Transforming your pain into a power story and using that as fuel to serve others
  • 4 questions that will take you through a powerful process of transforming your story into your purpose
  • The 5 wheels of balance that will support you in keeping yourself aligned with your virtues and values
  • A powerful pattern interrupt that will enable you to see and create a new way out of your limitations
  • The number one thing Safiyah AND Ashley say helps you achieve joyful success in your purpose FAST

At her company today called “She Heals The World”, Dr. Safiyah Satterwhite trains and certifies business coaches worldwide in order to help more “everyday” entrepreneurs have access to community and high-quality coaching as they build their dream.

Everything that you put down on your goal list, you have a 95% higher chance of achieving it when you have the support of a coach.”

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