Gabriela Berrospi: Getting Started in the Stock Market (FOF-30)

Gabriela Berrospi is the founder of the Latino Wall Street movement which provides financial education in Spanish to the Latino community. She was selected for the Forbes Finance Council and has been on the expert panel since April 2020. She has also been nominated by Yahoo Finance as the Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs of 2020 and has recently delivered a TED talk about breaking stereotypes as a Latino woman in the finance industry. Gabriela Berrospi has collaborated with industry leaders and celebrities in the Hispanic community to raise awareness about the underrepresentation of Latinos in finance. Her mission is to eradicate poverty and create generational wealth so that we can all contribute more to our families and communities and thus together achieve a better world by focusing on the transformation of the Latino community. 

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • When is the right time to invest and is there really a “perfect time”
  • The importance of being financially educated in deciding how, where, and when to invest
  • Start-up tips and steps for beginners who want to invest in the stock market
  • What are “stock market options” and how you can make consistent income through them
  • Understanding the psychology and mindset of an investor in managing the ups and downs in the stock market
  • Useful books and resources that can support beginners in understanding the stock market and managing your investments
  • And so much more!

“It’s never the perfect timing for anything, right? It’s never the perfect time to have a kid, to start something new, to start investing. You have to make it the perfect timing for you.” -Gabriela Berrospi

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