Greg Reid: Wealth Made Easy (Ep. 8)

Greg Reid is one of the most accomplished men you’ll meet. Greg has written, co-authored, and been featured in over 87 books, 28 of which are best sellers. He has been featured in five motion pictures and even has a walk-of-fame star in the Las Vegas “Walk of Fame”. He has an honorary PhD alongside Antonio Lamborghini and he runs 8 corporations… the list goes on and on. Basically, he is a LEGEND. His time alone is worth so much $$$ so I highly recommend you listen up and take notes.

In this episode, we go over:

  • The difference between seeking counsel and listening to other people’s opinion
  • Following the blueprint of successful people and making it your own
  • How to change your mindset and release expectation
  • “Unlearning” what you’ve been taught and finding your truth
  • The absolute secret sauce to success: CPC (listen to find out what it stands for)
  • Adapting your philosophy and embracing changes
  • The power of being responsible and holding yourself accountable
  • Embracing what you lack and focusing on your strengths

The Secret of Everything: CPC

It’s really interesting when we go through life and we start seeing these processes that we subconsciously  go through. In everything that Greg talked about in this episode, this part just might be the “Aha” moment for you. Keep reading.

Every single thing that happens is our choice and our responsibility. As soon as you have this mindset, everything falls into place and gets easy. Clues, patterns, and choices govern our life whether we are aware of it or not. The minute we take notice of these and start taking action by applying them in the decisions we make on a day-to-day basis, we will jump right ahead into victory.

99.99% fall and quit in this half-way through when things get hard and the people that find the solution to get through it, they’re the ones that come out on top.

What Successful People Do

Greg Reid had a huge realization while sitting down with a multi-billionaire. He bluntly asked the question, “Why are you a multi-billionaire and I’m not?”

In the episode, Greg shares the multi-billionaire’s response and it is something that contradicts so much of what society teaches and preaches today.  Let’s just say we may want to re-think the relationship between passion and wealth.

Successful people look for and capitalize on unexpected lucrative opportunities to build their wealth. Once wealth has been built, they use it to finance and fuel what we they are passionate about. Most people try to do this in reverse. Shift your mindset to wealth first and passion will follow.

4 Key Takeaways

Here are four useful insights from the amazing and incredibly successful Greg Reid that you can use as the foundation for building your own wealth:

  1. Everything that happens in your life is a product of your own decisions.
  2. Successful people know what to prioritize and it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s their passion.
  3. Seek counsel from people you would actually want to trade your life for.
  4. Practice finding solutions rather than blaming people and situations for the problems you are facing.

Exclusive sneak peek: You get to see a part of Greg’s house that’s so sacred and special to him that he very rarely shows it to anyone. Tucked in one corner of his study are his most precious mementos of his entire career that he has kept for decades– but it’s not what you think. You can watch this in the YouTube video to find out:

You can connect with Greg Reid @gregsreid on Instagram. Make sure to also check out his website and grab a copy of his book “Wealth Made Easy” to know more of what he does.

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