John Marrone: How to Create Habits That Shape Your Future (Ep. 35)

John Marrone is a world-renowned speaker and life coach who has shared stages with powerful leaders like Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Trent Shelton, and many more. However, John was not always the successful, powerful man you see today. He used to live a life of selfishness, anger, poverty, addiction, negativity, violence and had an overall victim mentality. It wasn’t until he had two life-altering experiences that he woke up to his true purpose and potential (I share what happened in the introduction of the episode). He is now on a mission to help as many people as possible to peel back the layers and unveil their authentic, unstoppable selves so they can live life at their highest level.

In this fun, motivating and value-packed episode, we go over…

  • How to eliminate bad habits and create powerful new ones that serve you
  • Strategies to support you in creating and maintaining healthy habits
  • 5 core values that will inspire you to make empowering decisions
  • 2 awesome things that will happen when you tap into your vulnerability
  • The secret to knowing who the right people are in your business
  • The number one trait of the most successful people in the planet
  • Powerful questions you need to ask yourself to stay consistent and motivated
  • Why most of your goals are probably not “real goals” and how to create real ones
  • And soo much more…

“Without a strong why, your consistency will die.” -John Marrone

John and I are seriously so aligned and we share so many of the same values and perspectives. Like me, he also comes from a dark place and has experienced a massive transformation in his own life.  I’m excited for you to hear and learn from him in this episode. Be sure to screenshot and share your favorite parts! 🙂

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