Kristel David: How To Know If He’s The One or Time To Leave (FOF-09)

THIS IS A JUICY EPISODE! Lots of raw and real girl talk in here, ladies!

Kristel David is a life and relationship coach dedicated to helping professional athletes’ wives create healthy and thriving relationships with themselves and their partners. She herself is the wife to a retired NFL vet and Super Bowl champion, Jason David, and mother to 5 beautiful girls.

This is probably one of the rawest, real-est girl talk episodes I have recorded to date! We go IN, so get ready!

In this episode, we real-talk about…

  • A real look into Kristel’s pain to power story and how she came to the work she does today (she really shares it ALL and doesn’t hold back or sugar coat here!)
  • How to know when to stay with him or if it’s time to leave him
  • How to heal and restore broken trust in your relationship 
  • How to overcome insecurities, jealousy and distrust in your relationship
  • The 3 C’s that will RUIN your relationship 
  • The 3 A’s that will make your relationship with him THRIVE
  • A perception shift on how to get what you want from your man— this sh*% works!!
  • The #1 key question to ask yourself if you’re deciding to stay or leave a relationship
  • The “PRAISE Break” tool that will help you shift amidst anger and frustration with your partner 
  • 3 powerful tools to gut-check your relationship
  • … And so much more!

“We can’t change the past. All I have is the present moment and the future that I’m creating. And as long as I keep operating like a queen, I believe my husband’s gonna rise up to be the king.”

Kristel David likes to call herself a former super busy, never productive wife living off her hubby to now living her best life contributing over 6 figures to her household, in purpose, present, and on a mission to help women create their dream life alongside their partner.

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