Laura Wright: 5 Proven Steps to Closing Every Sale (Ep. 40)

Laura Wright is an author, speaker, growth strategist, and master sales coach. She’s the founder of EPIC at Sales and has closed a whopping $43 million in sales over the past 20 years. But, for a time her life was anything but epic. After her real estate company crashed and burned in 2008 (along with the rest of the economy), Laura found herself over $500,0000 in debt— while also being the sole provider of her family. She was lost, demoralized, and doubting her ability to rise up from this setback until she remembered two of her greatest gifts: the power to see the potential in ANY situation and the ability to close just about any sale with love.

In this episode, we go over…

  • Why it is important to sell now more than ever
  • How women can master selling and sales calls
  • How to bring up the topic of money in sales conversations
  • The number of offers you should have and why
  • 5 simple strategies to successfully sell your high-end programs
  • The golden 5-step process to master the “close”

“Every single conversation is actually a sales conversation.” -Laura Wright

Laura Wright has made a name for herself in the coaching industry as the go-to “Sales Ninja” for service-based women in business, helping her clients scale to six-figures within months and cross seven-figures in record time. Her personal mission is to help women make money, master sales, and empower women to make money by hiring other women. 

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