Lori Harder: How To Build Your Tribe and Create Aligned Friendships (Ep. 33)

Lori Harder is a transformational speaker, #1 bestselling author of “A Tribe Called Bliss”, Forbes Top 18 Female-led Podcast Host, TedX Speaker, a 10-time cover model, thought leader and three-time fitness world champion. She is also an incredibly successful heart-centered entrepreneur running two 7-figure businesses. Lori helps women transform and grow through self-love and create lasting relationships that support long-term goals.

In this episode, Lori Harder and I discuss…

  • The effects of bullying and our own personal stories of being bullied
  • How to create tribe and build lasting friendships that support you
  • Why you need to “collect” vs expect in your friendships
  • What to do when you outgrow someone and know they are no longer in alignment with your values
  • The truth about “belonging”
  • 3 core values to help you spot your tribe
  • How to create energetic boundaries
  • And soo much more…

“So many women say ‘no’ because they are afraid of people needing them too much. This is the number one fear that I find with a lot of relationships: expectations.” -Lori Harder

Lori’s story is such an inspiration to so many women, myself included. She has helped thousands of women across the globe through her carefully curated set of practical tools to promote sustainable health, spiritual well-being, and emotional thriving.

Learn more about Lori and what she does best at www.loriharder.com
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Grab a copy of Lori’s #1 bestselling book “A Tribe Called Bliss” at www.loriharder.com/amazon

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