Mel Wells: 3 Ways To Ignite Your Self-Confidence and FEEL SEXY (FOF-08)

I absolutely LOVE this chat with Mel. It’s deep and girrrl, it’s SPICY too! Mel Wells is a dear friend of mine who I consider a sister. She is an incredibly powerful and magnetic female leader, an author, speaker, retreat host, a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, and a bonafide Sex, Love and Relationships Coach specializing in Women’s Sexuality. Mel Wells also founded the UK’s epic Weekender Event The Self Love Summit, where women from all over the globe come together in person to celebrate and love themselves. She has been featured in countless media publications such as Forbes, Cosmopolitan, BBC Radio, The Telegraph, Women’s Health to name a few. OK! Magazine called her books ‘Body Bibles’ for women, and Forbes described her as “giving a voice to the silent struggle millions of women know so well”.

Beyond all of her incredible achievements, Mel Wells is a super down-to-earth, free-spirited, high-vibing, amazing goddess of a woman and I am so excited for you to know her, experience her energy, and learn from her in this episode. She really has created a movement among women in falling madly in love with who they are and connecting deeply to their bodies and their inherent feminine sexuality.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

    • How to balance your masculine and feminine sides in a way that serves you
    • What a “soul break” is and why you need it to feel aligned and fulfilled in your business
    • A simple and powerful pattern interrupts that you can do when you’re feeling burn out
    • 3 ways to embody your feminine confidence and sensuality with yourself and in your relationship
    • A story of shame that I’ve never shared publicly before… until now!
    • How to TURN YOURSELF ON!
    • A powerful journaling process that reaps results
    • How to balance structure and control with intuition and surrender
    • What to do when your friends compare themselves to you or compete with you and how to navigate that
    • How to STOP downplaying yourself and start stepping into your light and owning your power… no matter what!
    • A powerful technique to awaken the sexiness and sensuality inside you and create intimacy and playfulness with your man
    • …And so much more!


“As a woman, the most powerful part of our body is between our legs. It is the source of all life.”

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