Nadav Wilf: How To Create More Time Freedom (Ep. 29)

Nadav Wilf is a good friend of mine and an amazing, heart-centered spiritual entrepreneur who has built and sold two startups in the online advertising space. After he sold his companies, he realized he still wasn’t fulfilled so he took a “passion pivot” and shifted his focus. He went on to found, a holding company focused on creating social impact and financial returns. He works with CEOs and their teams connect to their own alignment and life balance in 12 areas of life.

In this super enlightening, value-packed episode, we go over…

  • How to create more time and freedom in your life
  • What a “passion pivot” is and how you can use it to your benefit
  • How to use systems and structure to create more time freedom
  • How to shift into a stress-free, peaceful lifestyle
  • And soooo much more…

“The word ‘time’ is a human creation. That’s the only place that it exists is in language.” -Nadav Wilf

Nadav Wilf focuses on creating a world of abundance through exponential technologies and spiritual practices so that each person can live their passion and purpose. He is committed to a world that works for everyone and believes in feeling good as a foundation for success. Nadav speaks around the world sharing his message, encouraging people to fulfill their passions, make a real impact in the world and live a life they love.

In the episode, Nadav shares some great resources and a free workshop for you. Please see the below links for more info.

Checkout Nadav Wilf’s website
Get his FREE gift: a 3 module video workshop on how to create time here
Join his 5-week Time Creation Mastery and use the code SLAY to get 10% OFF!

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