Painful Miscarriage to Powerful Mission with Stephanie Kwong

Stephanie Kwong the Co-Founder/CEO of the Rapid Rewire Method – a groundbreaking and radically effective mental-emotional and spiritual process that guarantees rapid integrative healing, change, and transformation. She has spent over 14 years in the personal development industry, having trained and worked as a Subconscious Rewiring Coach. Her mission is to show the world why these tools are truly capable of cultivating joy, fulfillment, and liberation by quickly ending cycles of suffering.

By helping her past clients identify and remove mental and emotional roadblocks, Stephanie has shown them the path to achieving the personal, professional, and financial results they want. Her work proves that shifting from a life of limitation and stress to one of power and freedom is possible, and with the Rapid Rewire Method, that shift is fast, painless, and sustainable.

Some key highlights from this episode:

  • Stephanie’s powerful personal reignition story of transformation after experiencing a painful miscarriage. 
  • A big misconception and MYTH that people in the self-development world have that is holding them back
  • What happens after a traumatic event and how we create coping identities that sabotage our success
  • A simple and powerful tool to reduce emotional charges that you can implement right away
  • …and so much more!!

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