Ruby Fremon: Unleash the Conscious Leader in You (Ep.10)

Ruby Fremon is a powerful keynote speaker, top breakthrough coach, and an activation expert who supports purpose-driven leaders who are ready to bring their big missions into the spotlight and gain the conviction to lead their purpose. Her mission is to give the world a voice and create more conscious leaders.

If you struggle with using your voice and owning your power, this is the episode for you. It’s time for you to step into the spotlight so that you can become the conscious leader you are meant to be!

I met Ruby Fremon at the Elevate event in Bali where she was a keynote speaker.  I just knew then and there that we were going to be great friends AND that I had to have her on my podcast so that she could share her powerful mission and message with you.

Ruby has the gift of creating an incredible connection with everyone she meets. You will get chills just listening to her.  Plus, she’s a huge goofball just like me! 🙂

In this fun, insightful episode we go over…

  • The path of re-discovering yourself
  • What conscious leadership is
  • How to find your unique mission
  • Powerful strategies to confront your limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • The benefits of being angry
  • How to invest in yourself
  • Stepping off the pedestal and owning every part of you
  • How to share your purpose from heart versus ego 
  • Why it is important to look through the lens of oneness and love
  • And soooo much more 🙂

Conscious Leadership

We are the sole creators of our destiny. We create our destiny by the conscious decisions we make every single day. In the episode, Ruby Fremon shares her journey and how she has evolved into the conscious leader she is today. Growing up in an asian household, she was taught that expressing herself and speaking her truth was wrong. As a result, she silenced herself and hid who she really was. She became addicted to medication and drugs to “fit in” and numb the pain she felt inside.

In 2012, Ruby experienced a profound awakening. She shares what happened in the episode and how it led to her rediscovering who she really was, redefining her worth, owning her voice and charging forward on her mission.

We are the sole, uncontested authors of our lives. Everything that we’ve been through, all the struggles and frustrations have led us to where and who we are today.  It is up to us to own light and our darkness, every part of our journey and who we are, in order to become conscious and lead the way forward.

Finding Your Mission

Everyone on this planet has a purpose and a mission. Ruby explains that as human beings, our collective mission is to evolve. But if you want to know your own unique purpose, first you must look at yourself in the mirror and ask: what is my pain-to-power story?

“I guarantee you, 99.9999% of the leaders out there who are leading their missions are doing so because they’ve been ignited by their story.” -Ruby Fremon

What you went through and how you were able to cross those barriers has created a wealth of wisdom within you that could hugely impact the lives of so many people. Ruby shares how she was able to transform her pain into her mission of helping people break out of their shells and share their voices with the world.

Acting from Oneness and Love

There’s so much that becomes accessible to us when we allow ourselves to come out of the shell and show the world who we truly are. If you want to be heard, take it one step further to know who you truly are. It’s not just about using your voice for the sake of being heard but using your voice to speak your truth. It’s about humbling yourself enough to know that you don’t know everything. When you become confident and grounded to your own truth, that’s when you become unshakeable. This has been so true for me I literally felt goosebumps while having this conversation with Ruby Fremon.

“Taking it one step further for conscious leadership, it’s not just about stepping into confidence. It’s about stepping into confidence and compassion. To be able to look at other people from the lens of: everyone is just doing what they can given what they know and what is available to them.”

Connect with Ruby Fremon on social media @iamruby. Make sure to also check out her website. Also, if you want to know how to step out of the shadows, join Ruby for her Activation Retreat at

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