Val Yakovchik: How He Grew MoxieLash 50X in 2 Years (Ep. 43)

I know I always say that I have a special guest but this time my guest is like…really, really special. I’ve been wanting him to come on my show for a looong time and YAY! He finally made it! And he is none other than my very best friend, Val Yakovchik. I’m very, very excited for you guys to meet him and jive with him on this episode because we’re gonna be talking about the incredible success of his business, MoxieLash. 

MoxieLash is a magnetic eyelash and liner company that he started about 2 years ago. He started the company from nothing— $0… and now it is a multi-million dollar company. He grew it 50X in just 2 years time! Talk about insane rapid growth!🤯📈 (Oh by the way, I thought Val said “15X” during the episode but he actually said “50!” Whoops 🤦🏻‍♀️😊)

In this episode, Val shares

  • The 3 keys to rapidly growing your company at groundbreaking exponential levels
  • How to build your dream team and source high-quality people to help you build your biz
  • What every business owner or CEO should be looking out for
  • His Upwork hiring strategy
  • And much much more!

“No matter what goes down, just try to pick it back up and solve the problem from a different angle. There’s a solution to every problem. There are no failures as long as you keep going. As long as you keep adjusting and pivoting your approach, eventually you’ll figure it out.” -Val Yakovchik

Val has a keen passion for beauty and has a deep appreciation for the feminine energy. When he started MoxieLash, he set out to create something useful for women that solved an actual problem they were facing. Well, as you can see based on results… he definitely hit the nail on the head with that one! What he’s built is so powerful and in this episode he shares how he did it. Enjoy!!

You can connect with Val on Instagram at @val and MoxieLash at @moxielash
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