It’s YOUR Time Now.


The next course kicks off August 2020

Free yourself from your fear, anxiety, and self-sabotage
so you can live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

I get it. I’ve been there…

  • Paralyzed by anxiety
  • Spirals of negativity
  • Nervous in social settings
  • Feeling lost and hopeless
  • Hard time being myself
  • Lacking clarity or purpose
  • Low confidence, self-esteem and self-worth
  • Finding myself in toxic relationships
  • Feeling unfulfilled and unhappy
  • Hiding out and playing small
  • Trouble controlling my thoughts
  • Beating myself up over small things
  • Feeling stuck and trapped

Now, are you ready for the good news?

Trust me, I know first-hand because I did.

If you don’t already know me…

Hi, I’m Ashley!

I have transformed my pain into my POWER and I will show you how to do the same thing. I went from being unhappy, paralyzed by anxiety, insecure, powerless and unfulfilled to now living an amazing life that I never even knew was possible!


  • I’ve written a best-selling book on Confidence that took me less than 3 months to write.
  • I get invited to speak on stages around the world.
  • I’ve built a six-figure online business that I’m OBSESSED with and insanely passionate about.
  • I get amazing opportunities to rub shoulders and collaborate with industry leaders and highly influential, successful people because I have the confidence to network and connect powerfully.
  • I’ve lead and coached leadership development trainings of over 500 students combined.
  • I now live a dream lifestyle where I get to travel the world and experience true freedom and abundance.
  • I feel more empowered, passionate, happy, confident, powerful and fulfilled than I’ve ever felt! And every day just keeps getting better.

I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today without the support and training I received along the way
…And now I want to pass it along to YOU.

The Magnetic confidence course

This is your tribe of people who, just like you, want to elevate and live their best possible life. This course is only for individuals who know they are meant for so much more and are ready to receive powerful, direct guidance from me, Ashley Hannawacker, so that they can reach their goals and ultimately, feel like the best version of themselves.

The Magnetic Confidence Course is a 90-day journey to you becoming the most confident, powerful, happy and FREE you can be so that you can truly live your best life.

I can guarantee you right now: There is NO other online coaching experience like this. And I’m keeping this as intimate as possible so there are very, very limited spots available. I will be reviewing applications first-come-first-serve so click the Apply button below to get started.


*Next course starts in August 2020. Please note, I will be assessing each application and selecting the applicants that I feel are the best fit “The Magnetic Confidence Course”. You will be my main focus in this program so I only want people who are ready to take their confidence, results and their life to a whole new level!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity
to invest in yourself and your LIFE.

Believe me, you are SO worth it!


And I believe in you 100%.
It’s time for you to believe in you. And it starts with you clicking this button.


Get ready to

Build your confidence and your courage to show up and be seen

Own your power and take aligned action toward your goals

Speak up and own your voice

Be unapologetically YOU

Live a fulfilled, happy, peaceful and purpose-driven life

Remove the blocks that are holding you back to you can feel limitless and FREE

Gain clarity and focus

Finally achieve the results you’ve been waiting for!

It all starts with You.

And this program is an investment in you. An investment in you is a direct investment in your results and your life.

If you were more confident, just imagine where your life would be. You could be one introduction away from an incredible romantic relationship, one deal away from hitting your income goal, meeting a next level business partner, a life-long friend or an even discovering an opportunity that could transform the trajectory of your life forever.

Imagine where your life would be if you were able to clear your limitations and tap into the infinite well of power that you have been blessed with but rarely use.

Now it’s time for YOU to be courageous! Can you see yourself destroying the illusion of fear and being the most confident, radiant person in the room with unconditional faith so you can live the life that you were born to lead?

If this resonates with you and you are ready to align with me, then we are about to embark on a powerful journey together of unlocking the beautiful, rare and profound parts of yourself that have been waiting for you for so long!

The person you are going to be in 9 weeks will be unrecognizable! Seriously, you’re going to blow your friends, family and yourself away.

I’m excited for you!


Listen to the experiences of these incredible individuals:

“She doesn’t sugar-coat anything. She sees exactly what you need and she doesn’t hesitate to give it to you.”

– Eva

“She saw my vision and she wasn’t going to let me not go for it. She was loving and super direct and so clear… I just felt so loved and seen.”

– Susan

“I coached with her and felt empowered, invigorated. It gave me motivation to get things done. Ashley was a huge support system for me.”

– Ria

“She’s fantastic. She gets you results and she helps empower you to make the choices that are going to forward you.”

– Tiffany

“If you have the opportunity to work with Ashley, I highly recommend her, so you too can live the life of your dreams.”

– Tracey

“She provided me with a toolset to tackle challenges when they arise and to ultimately realize that I have value… and really that provides confidence.”

– Lina

“It’s been so helpful for me so I know it’s going to be so helpful for so many other people as well.”

– Amber

“Ashley has been amazing in helping me become a better version of myself and I can’t thank her enough for everything that she has been teaching me, for holding me accountable to love and respect myself because no one else is my best friend but me.”

– Nathalie L.

“I have seen such a transformation within the past 4 months. I’m a completely different person and I’ve been feeling great.”

– Nathalie L.

“Realize how much of a quality group this is… Ashley this is really amazing for the price so you need to up your prices and thank you for all that you do because it’s awesome.”

– Tiffany M.

“I want it for everyone…It will change you.”

– Erica N.

“The Magnetic Confidence Course is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I have truly transformed.”

– Shanice G.

“It’s honestly still crazy to me how life changing this course really was and how completely different I am as compared to who I was just 4 months ago.”

– Emily S.

“Get help, invest in yourself. It is so worth it!”

– Jessie S.

So here’s what is included…


You will be part of a very intimate group coaching call between you, your tribe and me, Ashley Hann. During these calls, I will be teaching, guiding and coaching you through various topics. There will be “hot seat” opportunities, where you will be given a chance to get direct one-on-one coaching from me to support you in what you are going through and getting to where you want to go. We will be using Zoom Video Conferencing for all of the calls.


I will be bringing in special, surprise expert guests to support you along your journey to your highest, happiest self. At the end of each session, you will have the opportunity for live Q&A with the expert.


As part of this group, you will gain access to a private communication platform where you can receive unlimited support from myself and your tribe.


You will be assigned and held accountable for completing tasks and implementing the concepts & tools you are taught. I will be using a platform called Asana to assign tasks and monitor your progress.


We will be reading some powerful books together and doing a book breakdown each month where we through major takeaways and life applications.


A copy of my book, Magnetic Confidence and an additional surprise gift sent to your home!

The next group kicks off in August 2020.

Here’s the NEXT STEP:


**Next course starts August 2020

**REMEMBER: I am keeping this group super intimate so there are very few spots available. I will be personally selecting the top applicants who I feel are the best fit for this program. If you are not accepted into this group, you will have the opportunity to apply again in a future group.

YOU will be my main focus for 9 weeks straight so I only want those who are serious, committed and ready to take themselves and their lives on so they can reach a whole new level of confidence and happiness.

Do YOU want to become the next success story?

I believe you can be and here’s why…

  • You will be learning firsthand someone who is a transformational leader, has actually cultivated authentic magnetic confidence and created her own fulfilling life from the inside-out.
  • You will be receiving coaching and guidance well-known, powerful experts in my network in the 1-hr LIVE group sessions each month so you can learn the techniques, tools and strategies they live by to achieve massive breakthroughs, results and high levels of confidence. Their coaching rates combined are valued over $10,000 so you will be scoring massive value at a price you would not be able to get on your own.
  • You will be connecting with an exclusive group of carefully selected individuals who are ready to support, grow and share with you so you can all reach a level of success you have never experienced before together.
  • You will have direct access to me via email and chat.
  • You will learn how to increase your confidence, clarity and self worth using actionable tools and exercises so that you’re not just walking away with stuff in your head and you actually create sustainable change in yourself and your life.

So what are you waiting for love?! Hit the big ol’ Apply button that’s just waiting for you to commit to yourself and let’s do this together! I got you.


*Next course starts August 2020. Please note, I will be assessing each application and selecting the applicants that I feel best fit “The Magnetic Confidence Course”. You will be my main focus in this program so I only want people who are ready to take their confidence, results and their life to a whole new level!