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How to Find Keywords for SEO

How to Find Keywords for SEO – THE RIGHT WAY (For Beginners)

If you want to know how to find keywords for SEO the right way so that you can drive targeted traffic to your website or blog, you’re in the right place. Also, I’m writing this for the SEO beginner! This is going to be an easy step by step article that will show you exactly how to go about finding the right keywords using Google Keyword Planner (which is a totally free tool).

I’ve also created a video demoing how I find and choose keywords using Google Keyword Planner so that you can get sort of a hands-on feel to how it works.

I will have also included a bullet pointed summary at the end of this article so you can easily grab and copy/paste somewhere to refer to as you embark on your keyword-finding journey. 🙂

Brainstorming Keyword Ideas

Think Like Your Ideal Customer

When you are selecting your keywords, you really want to think like your ideal customer. Pretend you are your ideal client and put yourself in their shoes. What would they be searching for? What questions would they have? What would they be interested in learning about? What are they looking for?

Create a Free Google Adwords Account

Once you jot down a few ideas, you can start using the Google Keyword Planner tool to do your keyword research and analysis. You will need to sign up for a Google Adwords account (which is free) in order to use their keyword tool.

Use the Google Keyword Planner Tool

Once you’ve created an account and your in the main dashboard overview, click on the “tools” option in the top menu. From there, click on “Keyword Planner” under the “Planning” section of that drop-down menu. It will then take you to a page where you have two options: “Find new keywords” or “Get search volume and forecasts”. Don’t click on either of those. Below those options you will see a link that says, “Open previous Keyword Planner” –click that.

From there you’ll click the first option, “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”.  The field you will be typing in is the “Your product or service” one. This is where you enter the topic ideas you came up with during your brainstorm session of putting yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer or client. Instead of typing all of them here, I would just keep it simple and search for one at a time. Click the “get ideas” button and you’ll get a page full of results.

How to Find Keywords for SEO Using Google Keyword Planner

Now, what do you do with these results? There are 2 main columns to pay attention to: 1) Avg. monthly searches and 2) Competition. If you are a relatively new site or less established site with little to no authority, you’ll want to make sure you go for keywords with less than 1K per month in average monthly searches and low competition.

Here’s a tip: customize your search by adding a keyword filter of “Low” competition so there is less results for you to sort through.

You will notice that at the top of the results there is the keyword you entered and then below that is a table with a list of other ideas that Google came up with based on the keyword you entered. You can also sort by relevance by clicking the “Keyword (by relevance)” table heading. This way you get results closest to what you typed in.

Ideally what you are looking for is LOW competition and 100-1K average searches per month if you are a lesser established or new website/blog. What you’ll find is that long-tail keywords are the way to go. BTW, “long-tail keywords” just mean longer, more detailed keywords (i.e., “seo keywords” VS “how to find keywords for SEO”).

Once you’ve selected the keyword that fits these parameters and that you like most, you are ready to write your SEO article! Congrats! Not so bad, right?

A Quick Word About More Advanced Techniques…

There are some more advanced things you can do like researching your competition and seeing what keywords they are ranking for using a paid keyword analysis tool called SEM Rush (which I really like using). But honestly, when you’re just starting out it’s really not that necessary.  What matters most is that you picked a solid keyword (which I just showed you how to do), you create a powerful SEO article around that keyword, and you have some quality backlinks. Backlinks are simply when another website links out to your site. It can be another site mentioning your content on their site or even a social media post sharing the link to your SEO keyword article.

The most important piece is the content you create around the keyword; the SEO article. Focus on delivering massive VALUE. I recently did a post on how to write SEO articles that will help you with step-by-step how to create powerful content to help you get your site ranked for the keyword you are targeting.

How to find keywords for SEO step-by-step summary:

  1. Put yourself in the mind of your ideal client or customer. What would they likely be searching for? This will give you some initial keyword ideas.
  2. Create a Google Adwords account (it’s free).
  3. Navigate to the Google Keyword Planner tool.
  4. Click the “Open previous Keyword Planner” link.
  5. Click the “Search for new keywords…” option.
  6. Type in your keyword idea(s) into the “Your product or service” field and click “Get Ideas”.
  7. Sort by keyword relevance and customize your search to include the keyword filter of “low” competition.
  8. Choose the keyword you like best from your options of those with 100-1K average monthly searches and low competition.
  9. Write your SEO content around the keyword you chose (see my How to Write SEO Articles article for details on this).

And viola! That is it! Now you know how to find keywords for SEO the right way. I hope you found this helpful. Please comment below if you found this article useful or if you have any questions. Thanks!