Alison Armstrong: Understanding Men and Creating Your DREAM Relationship (FOF-17)

I’ve been a huge fan of Alison Armstrong for years and am so grateful I got to have such an awesome and real conversation about men, love and dating on my show. I’ve read most of her books, if not all of them, and her work has transformed the way that I understand, perceive and relate with men. Alison Armstrong has been studying men, women and the predicament of gender and designing and leading transformational programs for women and men for almost 40 years. She founded PAX Programs Incorporated with the mission of “altering society’s culture by transforming the way women relate to men.”

It’s such an honor to have her on my show and I’m so excited for you to learn from her! She has a wealth of knowledge so make sure to have a pen and paper handy as you listen!

In this episode, you will learn…

    • Her pain to power story from being a “man-hater” to loving, appreciating and being fascinated by men while teaching other women to do the same
    • The 2 most attractive qualities that a man looks for in a woman
    • Understanding the true nature of men and using this awareness to get what you want from them
    • The most common ways that women emasculate men and how to avoid these painful pitfalls!
    • The actual truth about men and what really matters to them that every woman MUST know
    • How to ignite honesty, trust and openness in your man
    • When and how to share your desires and boundaries when you’re dating
    • The most important thing that you must have prior to dating a man
    • The difference between “human animal” vs “human spirit” attraction
    • …and so much more!

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“Stating your dreams, your goals in life, what your life is about for you actually gives a man more confidence about you. And confidence is attractive.” -Alison Armstrong

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