Allowing Your Intuition to Continuously Guide You Into The Unknown with Taylor Simpson

Taylor Simpson is a thought leader in the fields of wealth energetics and feminine leadership. She is the host of “The Embodied Woman” Podcast, Founder of UNTAMED, a Motivational Speaker and Philanthropist. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Vox, ABC & Fox News, The Washington Post, and many others. She is passionate about helping women activate their truth, expand into their fullest potential, and unapologetically own all of who they be.

Some key highlights from this episode:

  • Taylor’s personal phoenix-rising story from working on Capitol Hill, to divorce, to living in her friend’s basement to finally realizing her purpose and becoming a wildly successful millionaire feminine leader
  • The key question Taylor kept asking herself through everything that ultimately led her to the soul-aligned success she has now
  • The art of non-attachment and how necessary it is to practice when moving through iterations of yourself and/or your business
  • An empowering reframe around being confused and feeling lost that will greatly support you the next time you are feeling either of these things
  • How to avoid being in a contracted, reactive mindset and instead be in a receptive state and allow intuition to guide your decisions
  • A powerful declaration to support you the next time you are feeling reactive or contracted
  • Why typical affirmations don’t work and what to do instead

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