Danette May: Attracting Your Soul Contract Connection (FOF-20)

Danette May is the co-founder of Mindful Health and Earth Echo Foods. She’s a renowned speaker and best-selling author of seven books, including “The Rise.” She has over 500 million views on her motivational videos across all of her brands and is a sought-after VIP for leaders and celebrities. Danette is on a powerful mission to help each individual understand their unlimited potential and show up in their divine gifts. She’s been featured in Self Magazine, The Huffington Post, CBS, Access Hollywood, Hallmark and Women’s Health.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How to attract your soul connection
  • Powerful ways to open the throat chakra
  • A major misconception about manifestation
  • How to know whether you should stay or leave in a relationship
  • The REAL reason why you feel doubt in romantic relationships
  • The magical sauce to all things manifesting
  • …and so much more!

“There’s this idea that there is one soulmate for us and I believe there are many. We are multi-dimensional human beings and in this lifetime that we are living and we’re experiencing right now, there are multiple things happening all the time and there are going to be souls you bump into that you’re like there is complete resonance along your pathway.” -Danette May

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