Forbes Riley: Don’t Forgive, You Need To Do This Instead (Ep. 23)

Forbes Riley is one of today’s leading female entrepreneurs, motivational speaker, author, award-winning television personality and she’s on a mission to motivate and inspire YOU to uncover your own greatness. Forbes is also the creator of SpinGym, a fitness sensation that has generated over $2.5 Billion in sales. Crowned by the press as the $2 Billion Dollar Host, she now hosts more than 100 infomercials and has had over 20 years of marketing products on home shopping channels worldwide.

In this episode, we go somewhere I was not expecting us to go… and it was amazing. Each of us actually had tears in our eyes at more than one point during this episode.

This episode is packed with so much raw, real and valuable content, including but not limited to:

  • Creating your own identity and redefining who you are
  • What you must do in order to heal from past trauma (hint: it’s NOT what you think)
  • Why you shouldn’t forgive someone who hurt you and what to do instead
  • An exercise that can change your life if done properly
  • And soo much more…

Forbes Riley also took me through a process toward the end of the episode where you will hear me having a raw, healing, and transformative moment. I’m excited for you to go through it with me.

Forbes Riley

“Whatever you believe is true and not true. That’s the word “lie” in the middle of believe, L-I-E. It’s a lie.” -Forbes Riley

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