Garrain Jones: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life (Ep. 11)

Garrain Jones is a transformation coach and a globally recognized speaker. He is also one of the most positive, happy and colorful people I know! He also has a super inspiring story of going from rags to riches –he was homeless for two years living out of his car and is now making millions and supporting others to lead amazing lives full of abundance. He has touched the lives of over 500,000 people in over 40 countries with the power of transformational change and mindset. 

In this inspiring, value-packed episode, we go over…

  • The power of positive mindset
  • Why it is so important to have mentors
  • The steps to becoming aware and creating sustainable transformation
  • How to maintain your “psychological garden”
  • Tapping into your inner child and your core being
  • How to utilize the psychology of colors to ignite your mindset
  • How to earn your powerful “YES”
  • Why vulnerability is crucial in order to fully accept yourself
  • Creating a relationship with your inner child and owning your darkness
  • And soooo much more…

Garrain Jones is living breathing proof of how you can transform your pain into your purpose and use it as a platform to create incredible success. I literally had chills multiple times while sitting and talking with him during this episode.

Garrain has such a powerful story that I am still left in awe at how he was able to overcome his circumstances and rise up to who he is today. If you are ready to free yourself and change your mindset to change your life, this podcast episode will be incredibly powerful for you!

The Power of Focus

What you focus on is what you get. If you’re focusing on negativity, then you’re attracting more of what doesn’t work. For example, if we focus on not getting sick and we keep telling ourselves “I hope I don’t get sick”… it is likely that we will because all our subconscious mind hears is “get sick”. I actually made a vow to myself years ago to not even use that word in my vocabulary when I felt at all worried about my health and well-being. Instead I’d say, “I hope I stay healthy” and honestly, I have never felt more healthy in my entire life. I used to be s*^k around 12 times a year and now it’s maybe twice a year. Crazy, right?!

It is amazing how this little thing in your head called your mind can actually hold the key to our well-being, our happiness, our success and our destiny. Once you become aware of the power you have, then you can start to actively change your mindset, your actions, your habits, and ultimately your life.

“You can’t change what you’re not aware of.” -Garrain Jones

Listen to Garrain’s story at the beginning of the episode! It is so powerful and a true example of the power of positive thinking and mindset.

Tending Your “Mind Garden”

Garrain Jones dives deep in the power of positive mindset, affirmations, surrounding yourself with positive people, and telling yourself YOU ARE WORTHY. I asked him how he maintains his “garden” and it turned out to be pretty funny. lol.

“Your mind is like a garden. If the gardener doesn’t tend gardens, the weeds of your past start creeping up.” -Garrain Jones

Speaking of environment– before we did the episode, I had a tour of Garrain’s home and it was incredible! He literally has an affirmation room with positive affirmations written all over the walls. He has positive quotes and affirmations everywhere in his home. He also has all of the primary colors loudly displayed throughout his home which he explains the purpose of in the episode. It’s very interesting!

“I make sure that anything that has to do with me is a reflection of the life that I want to live, that I want to feel.” – Garrain Jones

Embracing Your Darkness

Owning your darkness and sharing it with the world takes a LOT of courage. Many people are terrified to to allow themselves to be seen in their dark times.

Coming out of the shadows may be difficult, but it is also what can set you free. You can only see the light if you walk the path towards it. When you heal your past, you begin to operate as the whole being that you truly are.

Garrain Jones shares a incredible exercise of visiting your inner child and embracing your shadows in order to free yourself and be who you really are. DO THIS!!

Watch out for Garrain’s book “Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life” coming out this August 2019! Make sure to also check out Garrain’s website and connect with him on Instagram @garrain.jones