Julie Serot: The 3 Keys to Being a Master Manifestor (Ep. 34)

Julie Serot is one of my best friends, soul sisters, and one of the most impressive female bosses that I know. She is the Founder of The Dharma Circle and is a spiritual success coach for conscious service-based ambitious female entrepreneurs. Julie was recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Show “The Elevator Pitch” because of her unique proprietary 3-pronged system that she uses to coach her clients into manifesting more joy, abundance, money and time freedom into their lives and businesses.

I am so excited for you to learn directly from The Dharma Queen herself! Make sure you take a lot of notes because there are a lot of golden nuggets in this episode including but not limited to…

  • The 3 proven pillars of manifestation
  • How to interpret and use your chakras
  • Strategies that can support you in taking action and overcoming analysis paralysis
  • How to strengthen your intuitive guidance
  • And soo much more…

“The voice will get louder and louder and louder the more you trust it so if you’ve been ignoring your intuition for a long time, it’s time to give it a chance again.” -Julie Serot

Julie works with women who want to discover and live out their life purpose,  or dharma, so that they can experience freedom, abundance and joy. She also helps high performers who have already achieved success in their purpose to create more alignment in their lives and businesses. The primary modalities used in her coaching are yoga, movement, emotional cultivation, and intuitive connection. These esoteric practices are balanced with pragmatic, practical strategies and steps to create real results and wealth.

Checkout her website www.thedharmacircle.com and take her free quiz  to find out which chakra is blocking your money manifesting
Join her on Facebook www.facebook.com/julieserot for her Live Tuesday sessions.

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