Megan Fenyoe: Transform Your Struggle Into Strength (Ep. 26)

Megan Fenyoe is an air force veteran, licensed clinical social worker, transformational mindset coach, bestselling author, speaker, trainer, and founder of the “I Am Enough Movement”. Megan has been in the mental health and transformational mindset space for over 15 years and she has developed a proven 5-step system for transforming struggle into strength. 

In this moving, value-packed episode, we go over…

  • The first thing you must do to overcome and breakthrough struggle or pain
  • What to do about people who have hurt you in the past
  • 5 steps to move from struggle to strength
  • Powerful tools to help you shift your emotional state
  • How to reinforce your affirmations through visual coping tools
  • The “I Am Enough Movement” and how to be a part of it

In the episode, Megan shares intimate details of the trauma that she went through and how she transformed her pain into her power and into a movement.

“It was not finding the closure from him. It was finding the closure from the woman I was when I was with him.” -Megan Fenyoe

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