Mikhail Kuznetsov: How to Create Copy That Converts (Ep. 14)

Mikhail Kuznetsov is a genius when it comes to internet marketing and launching digital products, specifically copywriting. He has worked with industry leaders such as Tai Lopez, Jumpcut Academy, Real Social Dynamics, and countless others. Mikhail is also the Chief Curator and Chief Content Creator of Hustle System. He is now the founder and CEO at White Coda Inc., a marketing agency committed to its purpose of empowering people to find their passion, escape the 9-5, and live life on their terms. As of this episode, his products and campaigns have generated well over $25 Million in revenue and continues to climb. Mikhail is seriously a BEAST in the biz.


  • How you can maximize your productivity (and Mikhail’s insane way that HE does this that you probably won’t believe)
  • Who the best copywriters are (hint: they aren’t copywriters at all)
  • How to use the power of words in human psychology and emotion
  • The two key angles in creating great copy
  • Using psychology to take your copy to the next level
  • The three components of great copy
  • Mikhail’s “key-key-lock” structure that converts without the stereotypical selling
  • Why testing data is important in running traffic
  • The 3 keys to writing quality copy
  • And soo much more…

In this episode, Mikhail peels off the layers of copywriting and how understanding human psychology plays a huge role in writing effective, high converting copy. 

The Best Copywriters Are…

Mikhael Kuznetsov is THE guy when it comes to copywriting. He has worked with industry giants and has tested tens of different strategies to find out the secret formula for high converting copy. But according to him, the best copywriters are not writers at all. So if it’s not the writers, then who is it?

He explains that while most copywriters he has worked with try to make their writing look “beautiful”, which is essentially what most people think copy should be, they don’t really hit what would turn the readers turn into buyers. According to him, the best copywriters think like editors. Editors really dig into the different elements that make copy more than just a piece of selling material, but also a story that readers can connect with.

The best copywriters are editors at heart. They are looking at flow, pacing, placement, angle, positioning, branding. They’re not necessarily writers because the best writers I know are broke. – Mikhail Kuznetsov

Adding a Little Flavor & Spice

Most copywriters will know the basics, but Mikhail was able to uncover the third key component that makes for great copy. He calls this third component the “flavor” of the copy.

Mikhail explains that rather than just connecting through emotions and solving logical objections, you must create something with deep substance that the reader can really sink their teeth into. Listen to the episode to hear some examples of what he means by this.

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