Neeta Bhushan: Overcoming Grief with Emotional Grit (Ep. 12)

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a former cosmetic dentist turned international speaker, leadership coach, emotional intelligence advocate, best-selling author of “Emotional Grit”,  and the founder of Global GRIT Institute. She left her multi-million dollar dentistry practice to pursue her inner truth; a journey where she spent over 15 years across 45 countries researching and immersing herself in the field of human behavior. She has transformed the lives of thousands across the world through the power of emotional intelligence and leadership.

In this deep, raw and touching episode, we go over…

  • How to overcome the loss of a loved one
  • How faith can heal you
  • How to work through the stages of grief
  • The importance of emotional GRIT and what G.R.I.T. actually stands for
  • The top 2 characteristics of successful people
  • The 3 fear cultures and how you can overcome them
  • Mastering your emotions and gaining power through emotional intelligence
  • Lightening your load and using laughter to propel you forward
  • How stand-up comedy can heal your fears
  • And soooo much more!

Neeta has such an incredible personal journey. She has navigated through extraordinary adversity, including multiple deaths, cancer, domestic violence, and divorce.  She shares her story very vulnerably in this episode and it nearly brought me to tears. 

Dr. Neeta Bhushan has grown through some very dark moments in her life. She was able to find light through her darkness and emerge as her most courageous, enlightened self. Her story is truly inspirational it will move you to your core. 

Beauty Amidst Darkness

A few weeks before this interview with Neeta, I was asked during a speaking event, “what is your biggest fear?” My biggest fear is losing someone very close to me. In the episode, Neeta basically dives head-first into this fear of mine and it was exactly what I needed.  Death and grieving is a sensitive topic and she speaks about it with such authenticity and grace.

There are so many parts about death that many of us do not have the courage to fully talk about because of the pain that comes with it. Feeling pain is a necessary means to healing pain. The most we talk about it, the more we shine light on the darkness we are experiencing, we accept it and the darkness begins to dissipate.

You can either make the loss of a loved one an excuse to throw away everything you have, or you can make it a reason to value even more of what you have now and what is ahead of you.

Mastering Your Emotions

Acceptance and growth are two of the most courageous things we can ever do for ourselves. It’s an uncomfortable path to take… and it’s courageous. Plus, most of the time these things that we fear are just all in our heads and we make them out to be bigger than they really are.

“Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. Once we start to understand the things that trigger us in our life, then we can start to make changes. Make subtle changes and learn to accept.” – Neeta Bhushan

You are the sole creator and manager of your own emotions. No one can make you feel what you feel right now except YOU.

The first step to freeing yourself from your fear, whatever it is that you’re carrying right now, is always awareness. Once you’ve identified what triggers the fear emotions in you, then you can start to build from that and accept what you feel so that you can move through it. You cannot overcome anything by pushing it away or shoving it down. Embrace it, feel it and channel it into your purpose.

Take note of the important points that Neeta Bhushan shares in this episode. It is 15-years worth of diligent research on human behavior and emotional that you have at your finger tips for FREE.

Neeta Bhushan and her husband Ajit Nawalkha.
Neeta Bhushan and her husband Ajit Nawalkha.

Finding Happiness Within

Are you checking in with your emotional health? Are you taking the time to joke around and laugh with yourself? You cannot find real happiness from other people or things. It MUST come from within you. Remember, you attract what you feel, so choose to be happy and choose to be surrounded by people who are healthy influences on you.

Take time to laugh. Laughter can be healing. In the episode, Neeta talks about how she used laughter to as part of her grieving process.

Be sure and grab a copy of Neeta’s best-selling book “Emotional Grit” where she breaks down her proven process step-by-step.

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