Sigrid Tasies: Embodiment and Transforming Your Life From The Inside-Out (FOF-26)

Sigrid Tasies is an Embodiment and Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author of “Intimacy Within”, Host of the top rated podcast “Sacred Leaders”, Humanitarian and Modern Medicine Woman. She supports mission-driven entrepreneurs to embody their deepest truth and alignment, to amplify their impact in the world from the inside out. As an expert in the integration of purpose and success, Sigrid bridges ancient wisdom and modern leadership to help those who are ready to up-level their game in life, leadership and entrepreneurship, through looking at the person behind the business and aligning with a higher version of themselves.

She’s an amazing, potent, powerful woman and I’m sooo excited for you to learn from her today, to experience her wisdom and her beautiful energy!

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • How to embody who you get to be and create impact in the world
  • What embodiment TRULY means
  • 2 key hiccups that people come up against embodying who they really are and how to work through them
  • 2 practices to integrate what you really want in your life and create in the world
  • Powerful questions that will support you in being in alignment and integrity with yourself
  • Somatic practices that can support you in healing your traumas and expanding your body

“We try to find safety in partners, in financial stability, in the followers, in the consistent sales, whatever it is. But we miss the point when we are not creating the sense of safety within knowing that we have our backs and we can trust ourselves. In order to embody it, you get to get in the body.” -Sigrid Tasies

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