Stefan Aarnio: 4 Steps to Negotiate and Close Your Dream Deals – in Biz and Dating (Ep. 24)

Stefan Aarnio just might be one of the most interesting men I have ever met. He’s very bold and opinionated in his view-points. He can also be slightly offensive and pretty inappropriate just to forewarn you. Nonetheless, he is a NINJA at negotiation and master at closing deals. He became a self-made millionaire at 28 years old and is an award-winning real estate investor, entrepreneur and author of eight books and counting. He’s been named by as one of the top 10 real-estate influencers to follow and he is the number one real-estate coach in Canada. Stefan started with only $1,200 and now he has turned that into a multi-million dollar portfolio for himself and his partners. 

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you‌ ‌will‌ ‌learn…‌ 

  • Stefan’s powerful, proven 4-step strategy to negotiating and closing deals
  • The 3 C’s you must implement in order to successfully negotiate what you want
  • The most effective languaging to use when making an agreement with someone
  • How to use the power of negotiation IN DATING to get what you want
  • The fail-safe trick for negotiating (you literally CANNOT fail using this tactic)
  • How Stefan cured himself of cancer in the jungle (crazy story and a MUST LISTEN)
  • And so much more!!

In this episode, Stefan goes over some of his most powerful negotiation tactics and strategies to getting what you want. Oh and it also gets a little spicy when we talk about the best way for men and women negotiate and get what they want in dating and relationships.

“Every communication in life is a negotiation. Even if you’re just looking at someone, that’s a negotiation. ” -Stefan Aarnio

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