Tony Gaskins: Why You Haven’t Met The Right Guy Yet (Ep. 18)

Tony Gaskins is a bestselling author, international speaker, and celebrity life coach. At just 25 years old he was on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Tyra Banks Show, and the 700 Club telling different portions of his life story. In 2011, he made the Under 30 CEO’s Top 50 Most Motivational People on the Web.  He speaks on various topics but is most known for his expertise in love, dating and relationship coaching which has garnered him a massive following of over 3 million supporters and counting.

In this value-packed episode, we dig into…

  • What is essential in attracting and building a powerful relationship
  • The “three B’s” that will prepare you for the love that you desire
  • How to create an environment that empowers and supports you
  • How to deal with your “flaws”
  • The MOST attractive trait in a woman from a man’s point of view
  • A powerful practice that you can implement right away to move you closer to your dream relationship
  • What you must know in order to attract the right person
  • The major difference between desperation and desire
  • …and so much more!

If you are single and looking for love or ready for love, this is going to be a perfect episode for you. Even if you’re currently in a relationship, you are sure to get a lot out of this conversation so take notes!

“When you are 100% happy being single, that’s when you are ready for a relationship because as long as you are half-empty and you don’t feel whole, then you are expecting a person to come and complete you.” -Tony Gaskins

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